Harper & Wolf

Hello, we’re Aaryn & Lily. We first met in Bordeaux ten years ago, got engaged three months later, eloped to Ireland and have been inseparable ever since. We moved to Leamington in 2010 where Lily studied Graphic Design and Photography. Graduating in 2012, most of her photography work for the next 6 years would be fashion focused. We’ve always wanted to work together for as long as we can remember. Aaryn started studying film and videography with the plan for us to eventually leave our office jobs and launch our own business. One thing led to another and we found ourselves photographing a friend’s wedding. We were hooked. We haven’t looked back since. We have the privilege of being let in to the heart of people’s lives. Seeing couples being their true selves with the people they love the most. We get to join couples on one of the most incredible days of their lives and capture the laughter, smiles, tears of joy. Nothing else comes even close.

The story behind the name Harper & Wolf. No one ever knows how to spell our last name ‘Faolain’ which means ‘little wolf’ in Gaelic and Harper is a reference to Aaryn’s giant tattoo of a harp.  If you ask him nicely he might just show it to you.

If you don’t think you could get bored of lots of pictures of our babies, Kate & Louis,  our Labrador Finn and what we get up to when we’re not shooting weddings then follow us on instagram.

@aarynfaolain + @lilyfaolain